• Kamisha York

Mommy My Eyes Itch!! Achoo!!

This week has been a crazy busy week for us as usual....we are always on the go!!! With college tours for Jayden for football post high school, Wesley and his 7v7 football, and my sweet girl Peyton...where do I begin 🤦‍♀️. Two days this week she didn't go to school, I picked her up from school Tuesday afternoon and I could tell from her body language that something wasn't right. Then she held her head up and I looked into her eyes, and her eyes was so swollen and puffy, I told her to come here. I held her little face in my hands and I asked her what was wrong, she said to me....."Mommy I don't feel good!!" Poor baby....her eyes had been itching and burning all day, and they started to swell. Let me give yall a little back story about Peyton. About 6 yrs ago, Peyton started getting a reaction to the pollen that would be in the air, yall know when it gets so bad in Austin our cars get that nasty neon green tent to it lol. Well this time of the year thru April P will break out in hives and start to itch, last year she even developed this weird dyshidrotic eczema on her fingers. One year it got so bad yall we had no choice by to put calamine lotion all over her to help her stop itching. This year I've been giving her allergy eye drops and zyrtec and none of it is helping her. Warm compresses over her eyes does help with the swelling for a short time, but then they swell back up. Today we went out to Wes's 7v7 football game in Lake Travis, poor girls eyes just started getting bigger....she said to me "Mommy my eyes are starting to hurt again." I really think it's time to go visit the allergist and have a skin allergy test to see what kind of pollen's she allergic to, and maybe it's time for her to start getting those allergy shots or allergy drops. The way her eyes look in this picture is the way her eyes look when she starts to

go into anaphylactic shock, and we thought for a second that she may have eaten something that she was allergic to, but she didn't. Now I'm kind of scared that these seasonal allergies might get that bad for her because she breaks out in hives, her eyes swell, she starts to wheeze, the only thing that she hasn't done is had her tongue swell or her throat close. Tomorrow is Monday and she's going to go to school, we'll see how that goes...praying she has a better day then today.

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